1. "Are you living if you’re scared to be judged ?
    If I gave you my all and asked you not to go would you budge ?
    Would you forsake me ?would you mistreat our love?
    The problem with our generation seems to me
    that it seems to be
    we’re afraid of commitment , but it’s often stated that one wants real love.
    How can you identify what’s real if you never knew wat it was ?” -Some humble kid

  2. @youngndoinit , @deadprettypeedi , and myself after the #AllWhiteParty 👌. S/O to @astylistlane for my bowtie

  3. Styled by @mikegayden from ” The GoodFellas ” shoot! I dont consider myself a model just taking pictures lol

  4. Group flic of “Good Fellas” shoot styled by @mikegayden .

  5. She loyal and she love me. We don’t kiss or cuddle ( I ain’t wid all lat) we just hold each other down . #TeamNala

  6. When you’re young, fearless and humble people pretend to not see you but they peep ya every move .Yesterday’s business . #VintageVibe

  7. My ZayBaee reppin and she ain’t even here yet lol! I can tell she’s going to bring me an unlimited amount of joy. She’s been giving me constant butterflies since yesterday , her personality is so dope . This feeling is too familiar , I think I’m Fallin in love again 😏😍😘. #DaddyBabyGirl

  8. Help us find our baby . I have a massive amount of faith in your return vana . Come home so we can love you .

  10. My boy snappin rite now fool 👌 #HellooooooMelooooooo 👌#ForThreeeeeee #Tape7 #GameSoiLL #HeBeLaughingWhenHeBeMurkinDefenders @carmeloanthony